President’s Message

I am pleased and extremely honoured as President of the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions Inc. (ACTI) to welcome all participants to the ACTI 24th Annual Conference and General Meeting.  With tertiary education currently appearing to be without borders, and with our Caribbean nationals’ access to education spanning continents far beyond our climes, our institutions’ survival and relevance are predicated on our ability to tap into the newest trends, to identify and address needs of the working world and to prepare individuals to use these opportunities to their advantage.  The economic landscape of our region is constantly changing and we must ensure that our graduates are ready to move us forward. Hence, our theme: Re-Positioning Tertiary Education: Meeting the Needs of a Knowledge Economy.

For over 20 years, the Annual Conference has served as a forum that focused on the leadership and management of tertiary education in the Caribbean region. This year we will be adding the Vice Presidents to our Presidents’ Roundtable as a “follow-up” to our ACTI Leadership Institute, held through a partnership with the CARICOM Education for Employment Programme (C-EFE). Participants will comprise the alumni from the two cohorts of the Leadership Institute held in June of 2013 and 2014. 

We must express our gratitude to our distinguished speakers and moderators for their willingness to make presentations thereby making this conference possible. The conference continues to provide opportunities for leaders and major stakeholders in education in the Caribbean and partner countries to network and unite in constructive, open dialogue. In the face of the challenges of budget cuts, limited resources and most recently the health threats of new communicable diseases, one of the objectives of ACTI must be to further enhance the membership’s collective ability to negotiate the current landscape and thrive. Therefore, over these three days, let us focus on sharing our best and next practices and commit to replicating these   throughout the region. 

I wish for everyone a productive, enjoyable and informative conference.  We hope you will find many opportunities for networking, socializing and fostering lasting relationships which we hope will lead to future collaborations.

We must thank all the sponsors and hardworking individuals who have made this conference a reality. We owe a special debt of gratitude to our partners, the Bermuda College for their sponsorship of and assistance with this conference.

We are honoured to be a part of the fortieth anniversary celebrations of the college.I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the ACTI membership to congratulate Bermuda College for forty years of “Setting Bermuda’s students on the paths to success”.  We commend Dr. Duranda Greene and all the staff for the excellent work which they have been doing and wish for them continued success.

Once again I extend a great big welcome to all. Have a wonderful ACTI Conference 2014.