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The association of caribbean tertiary Institutions inc ACTI

ACTI is presently undertaking a major project with the financial support of the regional bank, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).



At present there are ninety- five (95) members from twenty (20) countries. There are  three categories of Membership;

 Honorary, Associate and Full.

Honorary Membership is conferred upon an organization, institution or individual who the Association considers to have given outstanding services to education, particularly at the tertiary Level.  Mrs Norma Holder, Mrs Elvris Hewitt-Buckle, Dr. Desmond Broomes and Rev. Dr. Noel Titus were the most recent to be inducted into this category.  There are at present 11 Honorary Members.

Associate Membership is open to organizations and other institutions which have responsibilities related to tertiary education regionally, territorially and extra-regionally.  ACTI currently has 19 Associate Members.

Full Membership is open to tertiary institutions which are designed to provide

post-secondary education and training leading to a Certificate, a Diploma or a degree.  There are 65 Full Members currently active.

ACTI’s Vision is to be the ‘catalyst’ for  networking tertiary institutions, focusing on the effectiveness, relevance and quality of tertiary education in the region. The Association continues to play a critical role within the tertiary education sector of the region and speaks effectively on behalf of its members, as it charts a new direction for tertiary education in the region. Having been granted Observer Status on Council for Human and Social Development (COSHOD), it is now able to impact the highest decision making level within the Caribbean.

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The second ACTI Leadership Institute is set to get under way on June 04-06, 2014 at the Club Hotel RIU Ocho Rios in St. Ann Jamaica. This Institute which is supported by CIDA and the C-EFE is similar to the Canadian Leadership Institutes and the American Chairs Academy.

The Leadership Institute also reflects

the collaboration between ACTI and

the ACCC, and the premier position

occupied by ACTI as the place

where leadership training can be


ACTI has taken on a number of successful projects in the past e.g. the publication of the Director of Cariforum Tertiary Level Institutions; the publication of the second edition of the Manual Procedures Guidelines for the Regional Mechanism for Accreditation, Equivalency and Articulation; In its inception ACTI played an important role as the executing agency in the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN) project which is now the responsibility of the CKLN Secretariat in Grenada.

Calendar of Events

Join us for the fourth annual Caribbean

Educational Leadership Institute (CELI). CELI,

the ACTI Leadership Institute, brings leaders

into an exploration of what it means to be a

leader of a tertiary-level institution in the

education sector.In a highly participatory residential setting,  READ MORE…

CELI 2016 - SAVE THE DATE Tribute to The Late  Mrs. Norma Holder, B.Sc., B.A., M.A.,  Dip. Ed., GCM. READ MORE…


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